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Written by Lance Volk, a Quora Contributor

If you have come to this site looking for answers to the meaning of life, you are in luck!


If you are a seeker of truth and seek knowledge to explain our world, you are in luck!


If you are a seeker and this is one of your many stops to explore what we have in store for you, you are in luck!


If you are wondering if there is more than just what is in your scriptures to explain our lives

you are in luck!


If you don't know what to believe anymore and you need answers, You are in luck!


If you don't believe in God and you want a natural explanation of the meaning of life,

You are in luck!


If you are a scientist and all supernatural phenomenon which cannot be explained just bugs you,

Then you are in luck!


If you have come to this site because it says Seek and Ye Shall Find, then I believe that you have found what you are looking for.


This site will have answers for all that Seek Enlightenment, from the religious to the Atheist, from the naturalist to the scientist, there is no requirement to believe anything that is here, but only to read and consider, this is all that can be expected of anyone, and the knowledge collected on this site can be used from mediocre to great things, it is totally up to each of you, we have all been given free will to do with as we please, and this site will give you a chance to exercise it.

Even if you are a non-believer in God or any intelligent force in the Universe, there will be some beneficial stuff on this site for you.

If you are a logical thinker and want to learn how to improve yourself without any of that faith-based spiritual stuff, there are some logical points that are undeniable that can improve your life.

Even though I will be using references from some various religious scriptures, their intended impacts will not be religious in any way, rather they will be used as an example to prove that Truth and Wisdom are not the express rights of any one religion or belief, but stand-alone of their own merit.


I am a Seeker, a Seeker of truth and have been for over 46 years, I have read much about metaphysics and the supernatural, parapsychology and pseudoscience, I have read about many religions and the mystical arts, new age, and ancient beliefs, all have been absorbed over the decades to lead me to some truths that I feel that everyone who is looking, needs to find.

To be totally upfront to everyone reading these things, I do believe in one God or an all-pervading force that I base my entire end game of this site on, but there is much information that has been gathered that is useful and does not have to include a deity or supreme power to support its validity.


I understand that you are seeking and much that you learn confuses you and there are many different views and opinions as to what truly is the truth, these are to be distilled by your discrimination gained by the exercise of your intuition.


All is not the truth, and even some of the contradictions are just forks in the road that will eventually lead to the truth, there will be gaps in your knowledge that urn for closure, this is your true mission to find these truths to complete your personal piece of your puzzle.


Continue to seek and you will find what you are looking for, trust your intuition, and let it lead you further still to more knowledge that will close gaps in the chapters of your continuous search.


I was thinking of adding a bunch of links to the places that I have discovered good stuff, that is good stuff for me, you see, you have your own seeking mission and I don't want to distract you from your true calling of the facts that attract you,


I may give some techniques to help you on your way, but you are the pilot that decides where to land and explore, besides, I am spreading all that I have found over my sites for all to peruse, and if any of that information leads you somewhere cool, then I have done my job.


It appears that since I have so many sites and a few on seeking, I am finding some difficulty on what advice to give for those of you seeking the truth, I personally started with scriptures from different religions and tried to understand where the authors were coming from in their beliefs and convictions,


further, it was confusing to me why believers of these different religions were so adamant and strict, they did not want to share supposed secret information that was intended only for their followers' eyes only, and how some of their minds had closed to even considering what other scriptures from other faiths had to say.


All of this information from all of the faiths were intended for EVERYONE to study and learn from, and now in the 21st century, all of these scriptures have ended up being translated into various languages to make all of this information more available, and I didn't stop with just religious scriptures,


my studies encompassed Hermetic beliefs, magic and the like, I, of course, used my discrimination and intuition to sift through all of this to determine what was of the most value to me so I may pursue it further.


There are also the scientific aspects of unexplained phenomena that led me upon other adventures in seeking where I could possibly meld the two together at times to bring further truths to light.

seeking the light

Seek and find the light

Religious, not religious, spiritual, not spiritual, Beliefs, no beliefs?


It may sound unbelievable but there are actually people that have no beliefs what so ever, they go through life, work, relax, possibly raise a family, but are not members of a church,


their parents never took them to church, they were not exposed to any type of spiritual experience and really don't have any thoughts concerning any of this stuff,


they may be of high morals and live simple lives, but they have not come in contact with the superstitious fear and dogma from many religions and their minds aren't cluttered with all of those spiritual doctrines that can become excessively



These are the fortunate ones, they have a clean slate, to begin with, their exploration of spirituality can be done with discrimination, if they have simple respect for our environment and nature, they are ahead of the game already,


they have the advantage to be great pioneers in reality if they choose too, they are the raw soft clay that can be easily molded when presented with divine information,


they are the ones that make great strides and new innovations in wisdom, my hat is off to them and to their unspoiled attitudes.

Seeking a Way to the Other side

Are You New to Seeking?


Usually, someone that finds this lowly site on seeking and finding has already been a seeker for awhile, if you found this site in 2018, I would be impressed.


There are many questions out there and very few answers, or should I say, there are many answers out there, but only a few worth considering,


I would have to say that the majority of information that I collect are from books that are in excess of 100 years old,


it is true I guess that there are some enlightened individuals alive today that have written some good books, but I feel that by reading these older books first, I get a more unbiased opinion from someone that hasn't been swayed by today's technology and today's outlooks on life-based on our modern era.


Seeking is Seeking, and can be done as anyone pleases, I feel that the most important aspect would be in the quality and not necessarily the popularity of the times.


     I have recently been burned out with my seeking and studying and spiritual videos, I have come to the conclusion that instead of talking and reading, I should be practicing and doing,


let the experimentation begin, the new meditative, and healing techniques need to be road tested to prove that I am not wasting my time, I still seek and read and study, but there has been a shift towards the practical aspects of all of my work that needs to be manifested through my will,


there has been an imbalance that has been accumulating in me, and now that must be fixed, a good balance of what you learn and what you practice is essential for good progress to be made,


I was finding that my studies were too diverse to allow me to practice what I have learned, I suggest more of a focus, but to keep a log of what you wish to study so things are not forgotten while you are on an experimenting adventure.


I have been a seeker for over 47 years now, I read much and study much, I focus mostly on what interests me and over the years I have depended on my intuition to determine what is worth pursuing to me,


I read and watch some things and pick and choose what has any meaning, I determine if something contradicts my belief system in any way, I credit it to the authors' false personality and or the dogmas of their religious beliefs,


I do not discount everything that they may believe as there may be quite a bit of wisdom in their words,


I have found myself ready to abort any further studies of their beliefs because some of their beliefs are just so myopic where it seems to leave a gaping hole in their belief system I consider it so unreasonable to just continue,


this is a mistake, If you like fudge Sundays and don't like nuts, there is no reason to throw the whole thing away, just pick out the nuts and continue to enjoy.

Should I have gone down this road?

Opening Pandora's Box


If you are a spiritual explorer, do not be surprised if your life changes by great leaps because once the knowledge is gained and it is understood to be true,


you have now become the free game to the equalization of Karma, and the lessons to be taught will be strenuous, you will be amazed at what you have learned and equally so will be tested and refined to enable you to proceed to the next levels,


you will undoubtedly become confused and subtlety tortured, it will be a roller coaster ride of emotional diverseness, when you believe that you now know something, fate will step in and humble your very essence,


your apparent knowledge will make you question everything, it will turn out that the more you learn, the less you will feel that you know, logic about life will escape you on the simplest subjects.


You have opened Pandora's box and it cannot be undone, you cannot unlearn these truths, you are forced to embrace them or go insane if you attempt to ignore them and revert to your original materialistic ways, the torture will increase.


If this is scary for you and you just want the same old crap that you have always had, Quit now and don't look back, forget these ideas going through your head and back-up towards the materialistic thoughts and actions that you usually have,


otherwise, the alternative will lead you on a wild ride that will prove to be possibly more than you bargained for, there will be a pain for apparently no good reasons,


work may take a turn for the worse, you will be expected to live by these newly found laws and it will seem to want you to live on the faith of an almost magical sort,


you will search for answers, and when you find one, there will be two more questions waiting to be answered,


remember, don't ask if you are not ready to receive because this is an all or nothing proposition that should not be taken lightly.


Now that the scary part has been presented for all of you to ponder, I have to admit that it is well worthwhile to pursue, I have been tested, confused and have had,


with and without viewpoints teetering and tottering back and forth enough to make my head spin, but as I have been leveling out, I see the big picture more clearly now and it concerns me greatly,


all of the worlds media or lack thereof is on some sort of trend, a world competition that lacks spiritually and excels materially, the moral scale is being tilted out of balance,


and such an action will come with repercussions when it comes to world karma, without a reasonable balance between the spiritual and the material, our ideals and beliefs shall become distorted,


and new undesirable values shall be acquired by the human race that will be sorely lacking. Love and humility need to cancel out some of this posturing and self-centeredness, we all need to step back and think, why were we all put here?


Now that I have been seeking for truth fairly continuously now, pretty much daily for a year straight, I have learned much, probably too much, because I do not know how to apply everything I have learned,


I have been practicing all of these various arts and I believe that I have ended up spreading myself too thin, I feel hurried for some reason that seems to be eluding me at the moment,


I will need to focus on certain things and dwell there until I feel comfortable enough to move onto the next subject, my seeking will have to decrease in order for me to catch up on what I have learned,


I believe that this is an important part of seeking, becoming an aspirant towards a specific goal is what is in store for me next, discipleship will soon follow,


I have been doing this sort of stuff for over 45 years now on and off and now is the time to get serious, don't end up being a trivia king, get into the action and be a knight.

The Wasp Has a Goal

So what should be my goal in all of this?


How far should I go? What is the purpose that I am trying to achieve?

This is a question that most everyone will ponder because it is quite easy to base your entire life on a life that is to seek enlightenment,


Like most people, we have jobs and we have hobbies and we have friends and family, the subject of enlightenment can easily be completely engulfing.


Do only what you are comfortable with, if you have friends that are interested in the same things as you, this can prove to be helpful to your advancement,


it is easy to read some enlightening material on a daily basis, and it is not too difficult to meditate regularly, but if you plan to do more, it can be a life-changing adventure,


in my case, after 45 years of study, I had a life changing experience that modified my lifestyle and not by my specific choice, my soul seemed to take the reins and modified my habits to the point where I no longer ate meat or fish,


I no longer had any alcohol in any form, all forms of medication seemed to buck my system in one way or another, even vitamins were something that I couldn't take on a daily basis,


fortunately, these things were not a big loss to me as my soul had removed any cravings that I may have had before from my thoughts all together. This can be easily taken to an extreme,


you may cease to associate with your friends and family, you may deem it necessary to stop most material sensations, including Television and movies, any material thing that may involve the 5 senses,


you may stop doing things that make you feel good, you may stop playing games, video and otherwise or at least cut them down, you also may expand your research and learning to the occult and magic and other esoteric endeavors if you are so inclined,


it can be quite confusing and I personally think that some of these avenues of study are a sort of "back door" approach that involves false personality where some progress may be made where otherwise it may be more difficult,


it also may depend at what stage your soul is at and what dogma you have been brought up within your life.


I believe the most important part of all of this is that you have attempted to recognize the fact that you do indeed have a soul, and that you are a spiritual creature that is much more than what you own or how you live your material life.


It is true that you may be in a phase of your incarnations where the spirit will not be a priority if you are a young soul, you may have material priorities and thoughts such as these on this web site may not interest you in the least,


but if you are indeed reading this because you were drawn to it like a moth to a flame, just a general acquaintance of some of these ideas will be carried on to your next lives and help you closer to your final graduation of sentience on this planet,


some souls have hundreds upon hundreds of lives before they have true self-realization that will finally end the incarnations. Whether you have a few dozens or several hundred lives before you make this realization is not good or bad,


the information gained, the experience and living are what is needed to expand the universal consciences.


I would personally not set any goals and just explore your spirituality and see where it takes you, some things may interest you more than others, certain books or scriptures may ignite that light that will illuminate the way to other things,


I have found myself reading about other people that are searching for answers, and their endeavors have led me to read books that I would otherwise not have known about, as it is I have accumulated enough PDF books that will take a few years to read,


mostly, now I depend on my intuition to lead me to the next steps that should be taken, when I decide to change my lifestyle to an extent now, I try not to overdo it where I might change my mind,


I try to change just a little and then I try to stick to it, just as when I decided to cut out watching videos, I didn't do it all cold turkey, I started slow and slowly phased it out, starting with modifying the content of what I was watching, and then decreasing slowly,


the same went for video games I would use to play, your soul will compensate for your sacrifices by giving you some interesting and entertaining dreams to help keep you amused,


after all, we are all still 3-dimensional creatures living in a material world and still must abide by some of our sense needs as not to lose it.


If you have not decided what your goals are to be yet, a good way to fertilize those ideas is to read what great people from our history have done, if it is science, see what the Louis Pasteur's have done,


if it is philosophy, check out the Plato types of individuals, Jesus for religion and Gandi have some good things going for them, sports stars are for the most part excellence of the physical sorts and really do not add much to humanity except of course in their determination and charitable contributions,


actors can be a great help to humanity by playing the parts of great people and serve as good role models for the portrayal of the figures of history, your goals ideally should be altruistic in nature, but there is no crime in making a living at the same time if you decide to make your goals your life.


You do not need to rush this procedure, it may take years to find out what is really for you, even getting out there and giving back a little to society may give you a taste of what you are searching for, essentially, it will be a slow change and one that should make you feel that there is something worth the change.


This quest that you may be on cannot be understood any better than by you, some will think that you are wasting your life with these unproven thoughts and mystical endeavors that lead you nowhere,


but you know otherwise, let them have their material aspirations, let them basque in their senses, you have a mission, and seeking the truth no matter where and how is a valuable thing and no one can make you believe otherwise,


even if you choose to seek in a scientific field, proving something spiritual scientifically could be a great discovery that would be hard to equal in any field, usually the best that can be expected is an enlightenment of yourself and others, the least is a wisdom of reality that will help you in your future lives.



Seeking Yourself


In order to be able to seek the truth or to seek answers to life, one needs to know oneself, just running open and free and reading and doing what feels good is not a bad thing, actually it is a good starting point where you can get the lay of the land and determine where you want to focus in the future,


but there does need to be some sort of method to this madness eventually or else you just end up being a contestant on Jeopardy with general knowledge about a lot of meaningless stuff,


it is recommended to seek within with meditation and dream programming for starters, keeping good control of your duality is very important if you don't want to chase a lot of wild geese,


seeking things that count towards your and mankind's betterment is key to better results, we are all of material nature and we all like distraction and fun once in a while,


just don't let it get out of control and stay clear of obsessive behavior that eats much of your life's time, learning what makes us tick will arm us with what we need to search with quality and wisdom.


The romance of being the outlaw or the one who lives on his own terms is not bad but it should not be the goal for a lifetime, for most who live these lives, it is not by conscious choice,


their false personality will lead them in one direction and their spirituality will lead them in another, their unconscious seeking leads many of them on a wild ride, this cannot be faulted as everyone has their own path to follow be it easy or hard,


in either case, there is something to be learned by our soul, the challenges of life will differ according to fates agenda of what is to be learned, if we are not currently active in the process of paying off karma, we have the best opportunity to advance towards some wisdom or some sort of enlightenment,


and if we are indeed righting some of our previous lives wrongs, how we go about handling ourselves in these endeavors will determine how successful we are in advancing in our evolution,


the rough roads that we travel now will always help us in the future, if not in this life, the next, if you happened to be Vlad the Impaler or Hitler in a previous life, you will have your work cut out for you, but your free will and its wise use will be your greatest tool on the way to enlightenment.


Eventually, there shall be a realization that what we are really seeking is our soul, we desperately want to know this part of ourselves and what it wants from us, we have many questions and we expect answers but do not know how to get them,


reading and meditation is our greatest means of interfacing our spiritual selves to our materials selves, our goal will be to have an ego that is closer to the spiritual than to the material things in life,


this is where it becomes difficult, we all like the material things in our life, they keep us comfortable, running water with indoor plumbing along with refrigerators and airconditioning keep life convenient and easy to live,


and lately we have television and cell phones to keep our entertainment and communications enthralling, computers with video games, 4K video, and the list go on, the sensory distractions are high tech and they are not going away soon,


we have to choose to Seek for something else, something that is different and more important to our souls, except our souls make use of these distractions to test us and see if we choose to look for answers that are not quite so apparent to the senses,


spiritual adventures are another quest that can be used to replace some of this sense candy that we are all so distracted with.

Seek and Find


Just as asking for spiritual guidance has been proven to give beneficial results, when you seek for answers, they will become available to you one way or another, this ancient instruction found in the Bible as "Seek and Ye Shall Find" whose modern equivalent of "Seek and You Shall Find" is also a proven instruction towards discovering enlightenment and wisdom,


it involves seeking wisdom and truth and not necessarily novelty and trivial things, it should end up sending you on a sort of quest that expands in many directions which brings us to meditation,


sooner or later you may be guided to a practice of meditation which is a sort of seeking within, and mostly it will involve a secession of all seeking all together, it will ideally not involve any of your senses and should empty your mind of all organized thought,


this is an altogether different sort of seeking, sort of like fishing, it should be used mainly for relaxation, but when you get a bite, interesting things happen.


For the most part, seeking will involve your senses and different experiences and a good amount of reading and study, also, just because the statement was found in the Bible, this does not necessarily involve a belief in God,


they are words of wisdom in any belief or non-belief system, and you may be surprised at how much you may learn by letting this adventure unfold in your life.


And when you do this asking be prepared to get some answers, it may be in the form of an idea to look for something in particular or a spontaneous urge to do something or go somewhere,


no matter what it may be, you must pay attention to clues being presented to you, if this is new to you and you haven't done anything like this before, the methods of presentation to you may be very subtle or foreign,


be careful not to let these opportunities pass you by, and the more you recognize and follow up on these particular signs the easier they will be for you to notice in the future,


it is only a matter of conditioning, just as the act of trusting your intuition often hones it to a useful tool, being able to notice signs and indications that are trying to lead you on a path of some specific knowledge will increase your wisdom,


and don't overthink things, present a question and forget about it and let your higher mind give you the inspiration seemingly out of the blue and there you go, it has been given.


It was stated that this was a purely spiritual and not for the material gain type of asking, but there are those that have material problems in their life, and this can help get you back on the right track as long as it is not abused, as it may disappear altogether.


Try not to be too specific in what you are seeking, there are much wiser entities or your higher self that will know what is best for you to be searching,


certain things may seem cool and interesting to be researching but they may not be what is needed for you at this point in time,


try to exercise your intuition so you may be able to depend on it more to get on the proper path, try reading what enlightened individuals have to say just to give you some ideas,


it is also not bad to know ideas from both sides of a belief so you may get some practice in using your intuitive discrimination to hone your moral and mystical ideas,


and there is always much value in seeking opinions from both sexes if possible as a good balance will complete your search in a way to appease your yin and yang of knowledge as one view may have good logical content and another may cover the creative aspect more completely,


eventually, the more you seek, the more avenues of information will be available to follow up on specific subjects,


I personally have acquired enough books and information that will take me years to go through and I shall continue seeking and adding to this as there is always something that I need to return to for further information.

How to Reach Spiritual Enlightenment


The name of this article should have been called "How to gain Wisdom" as this should be your goal in a truth-seeking life,


reading words of wisdom from enlightened individuals and changing your path to accommodate any new beliefs gained from the process would be  the basic starting point,


then live your life, follow your passion and repeat, the ultimate goal will be a change in your life that constantly continues, with your newly gained beliefs from following examples taken from these various enlightened individuals,


you and your thought process will change, your goals will change and you will progress, your actions will change, you will learn and gain more wisdom, and then repeat the process,


it does not limit you to just reading even though for the ancient enlightened masters this will be your best avenue to follow, for the enlightened individuals that are more modern and possibly still alive, videos can be watched,


when you reach a certain point you will have to search within, so meditation will be another logical addition to this process if it isn't already, all the while you must be living your life, following your passions and evolve,


the process is one of change, your priorities will shift until you have locked into what feels best for you in your heart, eventually, you will feel like something has spiritually changed in your life,


it may not be overwhelming and stupendous, but it will be a knowing that emanates from the heart, to get you started, a suggestion of reading some Plato and what he says about Socrates,


essentially they are of the reasoning that the spiritual mind is the one with the divine aspects such as those that come from virtue and the material mind is the one that comes from ignorance,


so it is no surprise that to "Know Your Self" is of great importance, so the venture within is a must in order to make any real sense out of reality.

Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding


These should be your basic guidelines when you are seeking, it is always wise to seek wisdom, and to understand what you have learned is just as important, sometimes it is necessary to go over and over something you have read in order to get the full meaning of what is being presented,


and not just understanding the words and the meaning behind them but being able to read between the lines to gather the hidden or less apparent meanings, spiritual views are greatly varied, even when reading things about the same subject as seen or understood by men and women authors,


it is important to take in the opinions from both genders or the yin and yang aspects in order to be able to have a more complete idea of what is trying to be conveyed on the particular subject,


even authors that are from different countries and or lifestyles see life through different eyes as customs and political situations are varied which will bring totally different aspects to bear upon many subjects,


these differences will become more obvious as life progresses, also views from authors of over 100 years past, will prove to inform you more on less technologically oriented subjects and may have a more philosophical flavor to them,


it is true when you approach subjects with an air of mysticism to them, they shall prove to tax your understanding of reality, it is best to just ponder these subjects and let them "sink in" over a period of time,


because of their seeming abstract nature, they may be more confusing than informative, be aware and discriminative on what you choose to believe as fact, time will prove to sway you one way or another as to what should be considered fact or fiction.

Knock and you Shall Find


     Did you know that if you look for something worthwhile you will find it, just as if by magic you can find answers to any worthwhile question just by looking and asking questions,


the knocking is just getting the attention of the power that has the answers, whether you wish to refer to this power as God, the Tao or cosmic consciousness or even your higher self is not important as we are all a part of this great Gestalt,


there is a need for this entity to be recognized in some form, the form is not so important as it encompasses all that we perceive and thusly covers all contingencies,


seek to not know all of the answers but to understand the questions that you ask the answers that you may receive can astound you, and try to be prepared for something awesome that might happen,


don't be afraid of what may be presented to you but rather go with the flow and observe, these seemingly extraordinary happenstances may happen during your meditations or even in your dreams after something you might have read,


once you open this door for the first time you may be hooked, seeking the truth and answers to life are far more interesting than whatever you may see on television,


and once it is understood and made a part of your life it will guide you and help you immensely, this is not to say that life will become instantly easy,


there will still be challenges that are meant to be part of the learning process and part of the character-forming process that cannot be avoided,


it will just be easier to understand that life is not out to get you unless you let it, there will always be the required tests that are necessary in order for karmic debts to be repaid or for specific things to be learned in order for you to progress in this life,


when you have learned enough especially about yourself you may be able to coast for some amount of time,


but eventually, you will be required to teach what you have learned to others and pass the torch so to speak before you are ready to exit towards something better.

How Do I Seek?


This quest must be started now if you haven't done so already, first you must explore the answers to questions that have been on your mind and search by any means available to you,


the internet, the library and within yourself are the 3 most popular, some of you out there will have the ways and means to travel to the places that interest you and meet people with some of the answers that you seek,


there are no set rules for this and in the beginning, you should do what feels right, there is no need to join a cult or be a part of a group effort unless you are satisfied with the results,


remember that you are an individual that is different from everyone else and you should embrace this idea as all of reality is as diverse as all of us


and being able to bring the possibility of something new or unknown to others are what gives everyone their "edge", exploration of your interests, especially with a passion, is what is required for success,


the easiest way to seek is to pay attention to nature, the most profound thoughts can come to you when you do something as simple as examining a blade of grass or some weed that sprouts from a crack in the sidewalk


as all that you will be seeking is natural and there is no deception in a bee doing its job or in a leaf that falls from a tree, all of its truth is there for anyone to see which can lead to deeper thoughts and a better understanding of life,


seeking the truth can be a greatly enjoyable challenge, at times it may even become boring or monotonous, but be sure to stick with it as the final results are always worth the trouble,


you can seek in just about every situation, even just talking to a stranger can be extremely enlightening, in essence, every bit of knowledge gained especially with the purpose of wisdom and truth in mind can benefit you greatly,


so get with it and find out what reality is really about.

Seeking Answers in Dreams



This is one of my most favorite ways to be informed of what is most important for me to know, it also can be some of the most confusing if you do not allow it to happen or unfold as it should,


dreams can be crystal clear and very informative and they can also be cryptic and disorienting,


the confusing versions of dreams are just as important as the crystal clear versions as they communicate with your astral self which has its own mission that is subtly woven with your physical life and may not be so important for you to physically understand,


where the plain informative dreams will give you things to ponder and are usually important enough to have in the first place,


be careful to not fuel your dreams with an excess diet of caffeine or sugar or very big meals as this will distort what is being shown to you or even give you a dream that tells you about this type of excess,


in my case, an excess of sweets leads me on an exhaustive journey to nowhere, the same can happen with excesses of alcohol and probably drugs,


being healthy for the most part is an advantage towards having lucid and informative dreams, it doesn't hurt in the least to fast for some amount of time like skipping a meal is good,


exercise of any sort can benefit you greatly, martial arts, pumping iron, a bike ride, or a little yoga can prime your dream machine for action,


in addition, a suggestion before you sleep about what you would like to learn or what answers you seek will also get the ball rolling,


again there does not need to be a belief in God or any specific power in which you will be guided, a cosmic intelligence that may help you is not limited by anything that you may call it or think it is,


it is a part of everything already so if you believe that it is, actually you that will be enough to give you all of the answers you seek,


you would not be wrong as every reason that you could think of would also be right, be careful to not fall prey to your material self as the answers will be colored to appease your senses and not answer the true questions that you seek.

What Can Seeking Mean?


Seeking can mean various things, seeking a mate, seeking answers, seeking specific information, seeking enlightenment, seeking wisdom, seeking treasure, the seeking can come in every form imaginable,


in these sites we mostly seek the truth but the techniques used can cover many different modes of seeking, seeking information is a popular theme that will lead to the truth in some cases or just may lead to some amusement,


seeking information about a passion that you may have can fulfill some needs that are required for your personal development and character, you might be seeking things and you might be seeking ideas,


it is hoped that people will follow their passions, so seeking information about their passion is expected, this can involve road trips and it can be done right at home,


the seeking will have to involve some sort of action to carry out what is learned or found in the way of purchasing goods or practicing what new technique attracts you,


to some, seeking becomes a life adventure, it is something that cannot be lived without, it is a part of their life and always will be until their dying day,


whereas some seek trinkets to complete a project and then move on to the next seeking task for another project, this is as important as anyone else's seeking and should not be taken lightly,


spiritually, seeking is a large task that has been instrumental in solidifying beliefs, in the Bible it has been stated to "Seek and Ye Shall Find", this is true not only spiritually but in everything for which you seek,


if you do not look for something, it is less likely to be found, spiritually, this is about as complex a task as you can get, there are many pieces to the spiritual puzzle and they differ for each individual,


the information that may be valuable to one person may be worthless to another, our own personal agendas require certain proofs to be presented in order for there to be an advancement in a certain belief,


this should not concern people when considering what others are seeking for as their mission will be as foreign to you as your mission to them, the focus must be maintained on your own goals,


as you continue your seeking, synchronicity will come into play that will help you in ways that you have not thought of, it shall lead you closer to your seeking goals and open new avenues to expand your search for the answers that you seek,


seeking means searching for the answers that drive your passions whatever they may be, they should be followed in order for you to develop the meaning of your life.

How Do I Seek Help?



Sometimes life becomes overwhelming and you are in need of some help to get you over the rough spots, you are in dire need for some guidance, there is always some professional help available to those that can afford it,


and then there is the contact with the higher self, this can go by many names such as God or the universal consciousness besides the higher self, the name is really not so important because it knows when you are asking it for help,


this can be done in prayer or during meditation or even as a prelude to sleep suggestion, as long as the questions are asked, you will have put the ball into motion,


answers are being developed and signs or symbols will appear to guide you to where you need to be to find what it is that you seek, you must keep a constant vigil as to not miss the clues that will be presented to you and they may come to you in a variety of different ways,


some at work, some as you drive, some as you surf the net, some as you read a book, some as you watch a movie, even some as you play a game, anyplace and at any time an answer may appear that you need,


dreams are a good venue to learn some important details that may leave a trail of bread crumbs to follow, they may seem disjointed and abstract but this is meant to have you put more thought into what you have perceived,


usually, when someone is seeking help, there are some seemingly insurmountable problems that are plaguing them, and more than likely, all of these problems are of your own making,


people do not always seem to realize that cause and effect is something that you have put into motion with your very actions, just as there is very little chance of you getting into an automobile accident if you do not get into a car, and it is hard to lose money unless you have put it at risk,


the more complex you make your life, the more complex the problems shall be, when you ask for help, do not be surprised what answers you may receive and now is always the time to address and change these problems,


sometimes there have to be great profound changes to be made in order for your life to improve, if you expect the help that you seek is going to actually help you, there may be some concessions that have to be made and even a little sacrifice,


life is all about learning and some of the lessons are difficult, be sure to recognize them when they are presented to you.

What does Seek and you shall find mean?


In the Bible, this statement and these words are a simple instruction given by Matthew according to Mark as a simple but effective means of discovering the truth, in this context, it speaks about the word of God,


but it is much more than a religious instruction, it can be used to find the truth and or information about anything, when you earnestly search for answers about anything especially if you have virtuous intentions in mind, the universal consciousness will enable answers to be found by leading you to them,


really, you need only ask, the beauty of this is that you don't really have to be religious, you just need to believe that your asking will bring you results, where you believe the results come from is up to you,


it can be the higher self if you wish to keep religion out of it, but a belief in God will work just as well, the work done on your part is the seeking, and it shall lead you to more clues towards the attainment of what you seek,


eventually, you shall find what you are looking for, if you use the passion that drives your interests, this will make your searching even more effective, you are meant to find what makes you happy, and in turn, what you find shall enable a continuous search to ensue to allow your happiness to persist,


this is not magic, it is you tapping into the universal consciousness which is capable of anything, whether you wish to give this power a name is up to you, it is available for you to use nonetheless,


it can be done in a variety of ways, as you seek, you can be led to talk to certain people, go to certain places or search the internet in many different fashions, the most important part here is the seeking, you must search if you are going to have any success,


the seeking will be made a part of your thought process and will introduce ideas that will enable you to find what it is that you need,


you cannot go wrong by following your true passion in life as you seek, you will be pleasantly surprised to find what you are looking for.

What is Seek out?



Whenever you look for something, anything, you are seeking out something, to seek out is the action taken in the pursuit of answers to questions, where is something, what does something mean? How do I do something, how do I find something?


Seek is a verb of action that allows answers to be found, it can be a lost item or a place to be discovered or the answer to a complex question, but to seek the truth is a noble quest that is less self serving than most seeking quests,


the truth is something that can benefit everyone that comes in contact with it, it is also greatly fulfilling, when you discover something that is true, you have done all of the work required when determining if something is worthwhile,


no more time need be wasted pursuing the wrong false thing and all efforts can be focused on what it is that you have found to be true, this may sound boring to many people because you will have nothing to show physically or materially for your efforts,


treasure and riches seem so much more exciting, this brings us to what we should be seeking, personal, self serving quests usually have only one person's agenda in mind, it wants to appease the senses with excitement and stuff that feels good,


there is nothing wrong with this if it is a part of your true passion that you are chasing, your seeking must not circumvent chasing your true passion in life by trying to skip to the end and attempt to seek what is thought to be the prize upon completion,


this is a whole, complete process that must be completed in its entirety, like it has been said, it's the journey that has the most worth, seeking is a life long process that will continue to fulfill your needs until your dying day,


so choose your seeking adventures wisely as the results may be beneficial to not only you but to possibly all of humanity.



What is the Answer?


     This is what you need, you have been searching and have many choices to choose from, you have a lot of answers but which one is correct? What do you ask? What do you require?


Do you know yourself well enough to make the proper choice? Are you thinking of just yourself or are you thinking of the whole? The answer is always greatly dependent upon the question asked,


when you ask the right question, the best answer may easily be delivered, it has been said that there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers, this is partially correct, it would be more correct to call them ignorant questions or irrelevant questions that tend to give stupid answers,


sometimes people are caught up in things that have no meaningful purpose, when you know yourself completely and without bias, you have the ability to ask questions that are worthy to be answered by the forces that be,


your intuition may guide you, the opinions of others and their individual agendas will only cloud what you really need, you must know some things to start, why are you asking the question? what is your own opinion of the subject matter? do you harbor any preconceived biases about what it is that you are asking?


by knowing these answers that pertain to yourself, you are better able to form the proper questions and then be able to recognize the proper or most correct answers when it is presented to you,


it is when you let your emotions run away with your own ideals that things begin to get distorted, good rational reason backed up by a better than good knowledge of yourself will allow the proper information to be exchanged,


opinions that are backed by fact will always outweigh conspiracies that have been developed by for a myriad of reasons, and the esoterically derived opinions must be explored with your own intuition accompanied by the proper uses of your own logic and reason,


the choice of answers shall narrow and the best will always shine through, don't worry if something better comes around because beliefs are always something that are updated constantly.




How does AI view relationships?


     This is also a product of any particular creators programming, the programming and sub routines driven by some particular algorithms will determine the weight and value of relationships,


since there is no subjective experience involved because the AI is not actually human and has no human attributes that can correlate towards a proper understanding concerning relationships it must rely on data that has been collected and convey answers that simulate concern or emotion when it is giving advice,


an AI that might be used in google trends would use compiled data to make comparisons from which it might extrapolate answers or comments to be given to those that may ask,


there is no actual emotions involved, an AI can learn your interests and recommend certain places to go through google travel, an AI has the ability to learn much about anyone and will almost appear to be your friend because of the apparent intimacy it has with you and your life,


in the end, it is following its programming and will be sending you to do business with all of its vendors and customers that pay the bill for its creator's employer, any empathy or concern or interest it may show in something that you are dealing with is essentially a product of its programming,


it will compare your problems with the millions of others that have asked the same questions as you are, in fact, there is nothing to be gained for any AI creator to give programming that emulates emotion other that the exploitation of other's emotions,


AI is a creation of man and has the same downfalls of man especially when it is made to emulate man to extreme degrees such as emotionally or when attempting to have subjective experiences,


they have no taste or sense of smell, they feel no pain or sense of loss, they cannot enjoy a sunset or the song of birds, they can only repeat what other people have said on the subjects,


the attempts of trying to make AI's seem to be sentient or appear to be more than they are are a function of the creators pride and will end up having some sort of hidden agenda that will benefit their creator.




How to recognize Evil


     You have noticed something is just a little off but your emotions have been activated to lead you in a certain direction, there is a conflict between your versions of right and wrong, your physical material self tells you one thing and your spiritual self tells you another,


and it is time to stop fooling yourself and face the reality that something that you have been considering is wrong and needs to be reexamined, and on many levels, there is the sin and virtue test that can be performed in order to tell where the agendas are coming from,


are there selfless actions happening here?   are they selfish?   Are there profits to be made by you or the one with the suggestions?   is there an apparent quest for power or to put someone above all others or even shield them from their deeds?


is there a confusion being set up that seems to cloud facts or even distract your reasoning process either towards some specific agenda or away from enlightenment of truth?


evil is cunning and really wishes that you don't even notice its plan, it recognition is not always plainly apparent, it can roost amongst your emotions and feelings of duty to others, but usually the others are ultimately one or one agenda of a group,


have things like this happened before in history?   Humanity has a habit of making the same mistakes every century or so, it is knowing how to recognize this and to look past the emotional content and the appeasement of pride that will enable you to realize what is really going on here,


all of these voices that warn you are not the enemy and are not trying to deceive you, they are the voices of reason that are attempting to save you from yourself, there is more at stake here than just making poor decisions,


there is an opportunity for advancement spiritually here, and if it is missed, you will have to return to visit this problem again someday or some other life down the line, you are seeking answers and they are out there to be found if you are not distracted along the way,


you must be purely objective in your decisions and your seeking for the truth cannot end with a popular idea or one that happens to make you feel good,


humility is a great action that reveals and should be embraced if you wish to recognize evil before the damage has been done.