A website for those who seek enlightenment and truth.

If you have come to this site looking for answers to the meaning of life, you are in luck!


If You are a seeker of truth and seek knowledge to explain our world, you are in luck!


If you are a seeker and this is one of your many stops to explore what we have in store for you , you are in luck!


If you are wondering if there is more than just what is in your scriptures to explain our lives

you are in luck!


If you don't know what to believe anymore and you need answers, You are in Luck!


If you don't believe in God and you want a natural explanation of the meaning of life,

You are in luck!


If you are a scientist and all supernatural phenomenon which cannot be explained just bugs you,

Then you are in luck!


If you have come to this site because it says Seek and Ye Shall Find, then I believe that you have found what you are looking for.


This site will have answers for all that Seek Enlightenment, from the religious to the Atheist, from the naturalist to the scientist, there is no requirement to believe anything that is here, but only to read and consider, this is all that can be expected of anyone, and the knowledge collected on this site can be used from mediocre to great things, it is totally up to each of you, we have all been given free will to do with as we please, and this site will give you a chance to exercise it.

Even if you are a non believer in God or any intelligent force in the Universe, there will be some beneficial stuff on this site for you.

If you are a logical thinker and want to learn how to improve yourself without any of that faith based spiritual stuff, there is some logical points that are undeniable that can improve your life.

Even though I will be using references from some various religious scriptures, their intended impacts will not be religious in any way, rather they will be used as an example to prove that Truth and Wisdom are not the express rights of any one religion or belief, but stand alone of their own merit.


I am a Seeker, a Seeker of truth and have been for over 46 years, I have read much about metaphysics and the supernatural, parapsychology and pseudo science, I have read about many religions and the mystical arts, new age and ancient beliefs, all have been absorbed over the decades to lead me to some truths that I feel that everyone who is looking, needs to find.

To be totally upfront to everyone reading these things, I do believe in one God or an all pervading force that I base my entire end game of this site on, but there is much information that has been gathered that is useful and does not have to include a deity or supreme power to support it's validity.


I understand that you are seeking and much that you learn confuses you and there are many different views and opinions as to what truly is the truth, these are to be distilled by your discrimination gained by the exercise of your intuition.


All is not truth, and even some of the contradictions are just forks in the road that will eventually lead to the truth, there will be gaps in your knowledge that urn for closure, this is your true mission to find these truths to complete your personal piece of your puzzle.


Continue to seek and you will find what you are looking for, trust your intuition, and let it lead you further still to more knowledge that will close gaps in the chapters of your continuous search.


I was thinking of adding a bunch of links to the places that I have discovered good stuff, that is good stuff for me, you see, you have your own seeking mission and I don't want to distract you from your true calling of the facts that attract you,


I may give some techniques to help you on your way, but you are the pilot that decides where to land and explore, besides, I am spreading all that I have found over my sites for all to peruse, and if any of that information leads you somewhere cool, then I have done my job.


It appears that since I have so many sites and a few on seeking, I am finding some difficulty on what advice to give for those of you seeking truth, I personally started with scriptures from different religions and tried to understand where the authors were coming from in their beliefs and convictions,


further it was confusing to me why believers of these different religions were so adamant and strict, they did not want to share supposed secret information that was intended only for their followers eyes only, and how some of their minds had closed to even considering what other scriptures from other faiths had to say.


All of this information from all of the faiths were intended for EVERYONE to study and learn from, and now in the 21st century, all of these scriptures have ended up being translated into various languages to make all of this information more available, and I didn't stop with just religious scriptures,


my studies encompassed Hermetic beliefs, magic and the like, I of course used my discrimination and intuition to sift through all of this to determine what was of the most value to me so I may pursue it further.


There are also the scientific aspects of un explained phenomena that led me upon other adventures in seeking where I could possibly meld the two together at times to bring further truths to light.



seeking the light

Seek and find the light

Religious, not religious, spiritual, not spiritual, Beliefs, no beliefs?


It may sound unbelievable but there are actually people that have no beliefs what so ever, they go through life, work, relax, possibly raise a family, but are not members of a church,


their parents never took them to church, they were not exposed to any type of spiritual experience and really don't have any thoughts concerning any of this stuff,


they may be of high morals and live simple lives, but they have not come in contact with the superstitious fear and dogma from many religions and their minds aren't cluttered with all of those spiritual doctrines that can become excessively



These are the fortunate ones, they have a clean slate to begin with, their exploration of spirituality can be done with discrimination, if they have a simple respect for our environment and nature, they are ahead of the game already,


they have the advantage to be great pioneers in reality if they choose too, they are the raw soft clay that can be easily molded when presented with divine information,


they are the ones that make great strides and new innovations in wisdom, my hat is off to them and to their unspoiled attitudes.