Ask and Ye Shall Receive

This shall be a web page that is made especially for the seekers of truth and enlightenment, it shall contain information and links to help enlighten and guide you to wisdom and truth.

Written by Lance Volk, a Quora Contributor

All is Spirit

An Exercise in Knowledge


As you seek, as you ask, then you seek again, then you ask again, you must not lose sight of the purpose of all this exploration, it is ultimately Wisdom,


you don't what to breeze through book after book without paying close attention to your thoughts about what you are reading, is there a bell going off in your mind? Is there a light that grabs your attention?


This is what you must pay attention to, some of these things that you skim through must be studied thoroughly until the light or bell is acknowledged, there wouldn't be this effect unless it was something important to be found.


You may find that certain literature must be read a few times before the importance of it is realized, you may even find that you will oscillate between different books on different days back and forth just to engage your mind enough to absorb what is needed to be understood.


Just power reading a bunch of various books on various subjects will not bring you wisdom or truth, only the careful discrimination and absorption of the materials in their entirety will benefit you.


Seeking should not be limited to just the reading of materials, the watching of spiritual programs can change your studies up and switch your input to different senses.


And the study also does not have to be your only input into the divine, meditation is a study of within and can give you revelations pointing towards your next avenue of study.


Exercises in concentration can help keep your mind sharp and enable you to discriminate these inputs of your studies, even though they may seem boring and a waste of time, the value gained in patience will pay off in great amounts.


All study and work can be taxing on your brain, switch up sometimes to stuff that is interesting but not necessarily on your seeking path, and sometimes this act will lead you to fresh seeking leads,


it's just your sub-conscience or intuition that is changing the study game to keep it interesting, of course, it isn't necessarily bad if you just read something interesting that doesn't lead you anywhere,


it just gives your brain a break, I kind of like some video dominoes or video cribbage to change my thought process once in a while.


When I first read the words "Ask and Ye Shall Receive" and the words "Seek and Ye Shall Find", I always thought they meant in the Bible, when I became a teenager, I realized that there were lots of interesting and enlightening things to be found everywhere,


I always bought books on subjects that interested me, but I wasn't so interested in novels or strictly entertaining books, the books that could tell me about myself or the human condition are what sparked my interests,


later in my training as an electronics technician, I would find interest in technical types of manuals, but my true passion was to expand my knowledge about the truth of reality, and it now continues on a daily basis.


     Ask and Ye Shall Find, Seek and ye shall Receive, a little play on these words found in the bible, yet they truly are interchangeable, it is not only the bible that impelled the seekers but most all other religions and beliefs are also aware of seekers and seeking,


if you look at any reporter, you see a seeker that gets paid for his seeking, these people are lucky to have something to vent their driving passion for the truth, but they are limited by the policy of the organization for which they work,


a freelance seeker has the advantage to seek whatever they please, limited only by time and their pocketbook.


This passion for seeking can be accomplished by anyone with the drive and the subjects are varied, they do not have to be religious or spiritual, but they should be something that you are passionate about.


I am going to assume that most people that are truth seekers have some sort of agenda that they are working towards,


in my case it's a spiritual truth, there is a huge amount of data on this and these related subjects, I tend to steer away from subjects that I cannot personally benefit from,


exploring the unknown where there is no true knowledge gained is a selfish, indulgent waste of time in most cases, I, of course, do this sometimes for the entertainment aspects or to learn what other people seem to base their lives on,


mostly the subjects should have a true knowledge aspect to them and better yet if there is something for me to explore and experiment with to determine any of my own facts is a big plus, if it is something that I cannot participate in, I usually don't waste much of my time in its pursuit.

A Word to the Young


I was young once, I was interested in the supernatural, parapsychology, metaphysics and all of the new age stuff relatively early in my life, one time when I was 26, I started to meditate, I relaxed and started to chant Om Mani Padme om, I had done this chant about 5 or 6 times when BAM!, I was immersed in complete and total silence, my physical senses were completely disconnected from me and the silence was deafening, It scared the hell out of me and I aborted the meditation,


I had initially intended to go into the Akashic records and ask a question, but being unprepared and not knowing what I was going to ask, threw me for a loop and freaked me out, the utter silence was like "Well, What is your Question?", and I blew it!.


When I was 28, I use to practice Vibroturgy as a service for people to either help them see things or to quench their curiosity, I was pretty good, until one day I saw something that I didn't like, I told someone that they would meet someone in or around a certain place, this proved to be so, but what I didn't tell them was that this, someone, was going to commit suicide which also came to be, I stopped doing that practice also.


In my 30's I went to parapsychology classes and also did well in the respect of exercising my psychic powers, nothing bad happened, but I just didn't have that great of interest to pursue it much further, I have astrally traveled, I had precognition's, I continued to have a good variety of phenomena happening to me.


The years went on and I had failed to try to develop any of these abilities, I was much more materially based and chased women to some extent, I drank and would sit and watch TV and play video games essentially wasting my life,


I continued to seek new knowledge in the unknown when I was about 40, I started to see 11:11 everywhere and could not understand what it was, after exploring that phenomena, I found it was a call to enlightenment,


I continued to do what I did, but I found that I would explore unknown things in order to increase my knowledge about everything fairly regularly.


At 53 I got married to a Russian woman, it was a fear of being alone that caused this event, but it was not a terrible thing, this woman was psychic also, in a different way than I had known of commonly,


she was able to read auras and could see things in photographs, along with being able to read tarot cards, she was talented and used this service to put food on her table in Ukraine,


I continued to play video games and watch videos on Netflix, my diet had changed somewhat and I was somewhat more responsible, my drinking declined much and my seeking continued.


At this point of my life, the only abilities that I retained was the ability to have prophetic dreams, they would tell me of future events to happen in my life and I would ask questions about problems I had and would get answers in my dreams, or I would even be tested in my dreams to show me the error of my ways.


When I reached the age of 61, my seeking had accelerated to such a degree that finally answers started to come to me for questions that have bothered me for decades, and then one night in January 2018, BAM!, I had an experience as I fell asleep where it felt that I had progressed to another level,


when I awoke, I noticed that there was a presence that I was not aware of before, it calmed me, all at once my life had changed, I no longer ate meat, I had no inclination to drink alcohol and I was in much better control of my emotions.


One day after finishing reading the Upanishads, that evening when I was falling asleep, BAM!, I had a two level change, things were being guided by my soul now, my dreams were giving me direct instructions of what was needed for me to progress further,


my seeking was a daily and nightly event that has been continuing constantly, I thought that I would re-explore the psychic adventures that I had in the past, but they seem to have dissipated,


my meditation is difficult at best, I probably have meditated more in the last 2 months than I had done in my entire life, the results are not what I expected, but at least there is some sort of calm when I am finished.


My point in all of this is, if you are still young, NOW is the time to explore these supernatural types of things, and keep exploring and refining these practices or you will lose them.


I do to some degree regret wasting much of my life doing meaningless activities for so long, and after realizing what reality truly was, it would have been so much better to know this 35 years earlier.


I am what is called a Seeker, I seek the truth, I gather knowledge, from this knowledge I hope to gain Wisdom and with this Wisdom I hope to guide others on this path, and I hope that they will learn from my mistakes and make the best use of the time that they have left on this planet.


The best advice I can give is to not fall in with the crowd, be your own person and that there is much more to life than "things"


Being a seeker can be just a front for a larger problem in your life, what is it that you do for a living? Are you happy with your job? Is your life proceeding the way you had hoped?


Possibly you are seeking a new mission in life, something other than a 9 to 5 existence, possibly something that you have a real passion about, a lot of people seek as a past time or hobby because they are ok with their working status,


there is no problem with that, but others have a seeking passion that eclipses their jobs and starts to eat at them because they are preoccupied with what they are seeking for and would rather do that than work,


the main problem with this is that their seeking adventures do not put food on the table and the conflict with their jobs becomes frustrating,


I know, because I am in this situation, my current job is lacking much and I cannot see any income coming from my seeking at this time, mostly I look at it as a duty right now and seek and tell to help others on this path, when I come up with a solution I will be sure to let you all know

Seeking the Conspiracy


A popular way of looking at our world is through the filter of conspiracy, I am not sure what brings these ideas to light, if it is money, if it is fun or if it is Real! People just enjoy the idea that someone is trying to fool them about something for whatever reason,


usually, the reason is money based, but a good amount of the times it is because "we can't handle the truth" It seems that it plays well with other hard to prove ideas, namely religion, there is a cash of people in the world that refuse to believe in science,


and I don't believe it is because it is too complex, but I do believe some of it is due to because a lot of science is based on theory, this trend of conspiracies has a broad range,


there are even conspiracies that the governments are creating conspiracies to hide the fact of their actual conspiracies, it is proposed that they will, in fact, invent conspiracies to throw humanity off of the scent of their most secret conspiracies,


some of these hidden agendas seem to be so obviously silly that they really must be the decoys, and then there are others that are found to conceal our governments' agendas to maintain control in the scientific fields of research and proposed theories.


Now where to start? I was thinking of what was most ludicrous first, then working my way to what might be possible, it is a hard choice to make as many of these conspiracists have a total aversion to all science whatsoever,


they basically will only believe what can be seen directly with the naked eye, the ideas of all of this scientific apparatus are solely designed to deceive us all, now I am a great skeptic, it takes a lot to sway me towards anything stated as fact unless it has been proven well past the stage of theory,


but believing that the earth is flat must be the first to be debunked, there must be a flat earther out there that has a boat or plane that can find out the truth, why would the earth be the only planet in our solar system that is flat?


A giant wall of ice going around the edge of our flat world, really? I am more apt to believe that they think this way because it is more fun and rebellious to argue with the spherical earthers using their oversimplified logic and claiming all others are in on the conspiracy.

Seeking the Holy Grail

Seeking the Holy Grail


This seeking mission that you are on may be a nondescript mission of sorts, it may lead you all over the place where you are not sure what it is that you should be looking for,


you were expecting a great adventure that would give you great insights into life but instead, you are covering much ground that you have not intended in doing, this is normal, or it is in my case, it took me over 40 years before I realized anything worth knowing,


my realization was in duality but along the way I guess that I had to pay my dues by learning about much obscure stuff, I am not saying that it was all worthless as some of it involved the field in which I work for a living and some of it was of a more spiritual nature,


nevertheless, it was something that I needed to do, I am not done searching, but I am able to refine my searches in a more relevant direction, my advise would be to not be in such a hurry and what you seek will come to you in good time.


Eventually, you are going to come upon something great or something great will happen to you that changes your life, at this point you will feel obligated to tell others of what you have discovered or what has happened to you,


this is good and probably would happen anyway as your "drive" or "motivating force" would have it no other way, this point of your life will be very important as it is a type of upgrade to your existence,


you are about to or have reached the next level of your enlightenment and you must help others to understand what is going on, there will be some excitement, but probably there will not be any riches or accolades involved,


but that will not be important to you as you will realize what really is important doesn't involve material things, it may even seem like a thankless discovery,


but the importance to you nevertheless outweighs other peoples indifference, the up-side to this is that it will happen a few times and it will always not matter what others think, but you will still endeavor to get the word out.


Now that some guidelines have been set for what and how to seek for truth and knowledge, it's time to throw them away, nobody can tell you what and how to seek, this is a material based planet that we all live on,


and someone still needs to determine what is important for humanity to pursue that caters to the senses, we may be slaves of sorts to our senses but that doesn't mean that we can't enjoy ourselves in the process of living,


there can still be some significant discoveries made that help humanity and quality of life, it doesn't all have to be purely spiritual, in many cases, the seeker will have no choice in the matter because it is what his emotional drive has led him or her to do,


just having the knowledge of their duality is usually enough to regulate their moral compass enough to ensure that worthwhile motives are followed, the wants or apparent needs of your false personality will be your greatest hindrance and must be regulated,


it is not at all practical to expect to ignore all of your cravings, and some indulgences will continue to happen but steady progress in the reduction of caving into your cravings can be a do-able act, focus and direction are the keys to your seeking adventures.

Seeking Peace on Earth


If you are one that enjoys peace and would like everyone else to feel the same way, here is a mission that is of non-material origin, peace is a good thing as opposed to war and strife,


by definition it is a good thing, it is not really a hard thing to find when you are seeking it, it's holding on to it and infecting others with it is where the real challenge comes from,


seeking what other people want and what other people need will lead you closer to the answers of peace, it isn't money or land or power that brings peace, greed is what destroys it and suppression of free will always weaken it,


finding a happy medium that will work for the majority of a population is really the only answer, basic quality of life and fair distribution of power can help the acquisition of peace, this is a true challenge to those seekers that like to be tested to their full potential,


better ways to grow food naturally, simple efficient housing and education to teach the best ways to exist in the environments that they live and not exacerbate the problems that already are present are a few of the things that can be dwelt upon.


As you may have gathered, all of these sites are focused towards peace, they evoke tolerance among the different religious beliefs where your personal beliefs are not forced upon anyone but they may be explained to whatever detail you feel necessary,


and along with this personal tolerance you should have for everyone's beliefs, there should be an openness of mind that is willing to accept the views of others, this is the true nature of seeking,


all knowledge should be listened to and evaluated in order to get a more complete story, it doesn't mean that you must convert, it is just that wisdom is a non-denominational asset that should be gathered and evaluated,


as no single religion has the exclusive right to it, there is wisdom in all religion and just because it has been written by man doesn't mean that there is always an agenda from false personality at least not in the parts that were from divine inspiration,


keeping in mind some sort of discrimination will filter out most of the superstition and dogma.


Trying to inform the world of peace and some practices that would encourage its spread is not an easy task, if this site was in 20 different languages or more, great world enlightenment could have an opportunity to happen,


even if this site was also in Chinese, Hindi, and Spanish, that would triple the number of people that could benefit from it, and if it was in 10 languages almost 4.8 billion of the 7 billion could read what is presented,


this is just a dream at this point in time, but anyone willing to duplicate what is here and post it in another language is free to do so as there cannot be too much peace in the world,


even if the top 100 languages by native population were covered, it would only encompass 85% of the 6500 languages out there, but still, there are far fewer computers than that on the internet that could support that sort of coverage as of yet,


this is also a mission for seekers of truth and wisdom to be able to pass on some of this sort of information to humanity, being all brothers and sisters of the human race gives us the opportunity to share our privileged status with the less fortunate.


The Duality of humanity has been the single greatest wall placed between each of our religions, our insistence of sticking to each and every word of our scriptures as being a literal gospel from God has stifled our progress with fear, superstition, and ignorance resulting in wars and oppression,


if we could understand that our scriptures are guidelines and not specific rules we would be a lot better off, all of these Holy books were written by a man with a Divine inspiration that was colored by false personality,


it is up to us to realize that things change and it is up to us to use our intuition and free will to determine what is right and wrong, the discrimination of our scriptures will prove our wisdom,


a majority of the world's scriptures have made mention of slavery as a commonplace thing and they have also made provisions to accommodate slaves in the spiritual sense by including them in our day of rest among other things,


yet now humanity has determined that slavery is not a good thing and has made it illegal worldwide, this obviously conflicts with many scriptures, but it has been determined that it is not right and every civilized country agrees....Think about it.

Ask and It is Given


To make this absolutely clear from the start, this "Ask and It is Given" thing is purely spiritual, there are no material aspirations involved in this instruction and spiritual guidance is all that is expected to be achieved here,


whether you believe in God or not, asking for spiritual guidance or asking for certain information that will enlighten you is a proven method of receiving answers to those things that trouble you,


it may be true that "Ask and Ye Shall Receive" is a statement in the Bible and The Bible teaches from the Love of God, but that does not have to mean that you must be a believer in God to gain any benefit from it,


it only opens the door to enlightenment which will lead to more worthwhile things in your life, the act of asking for guidance is the first step in your recognition that there is more to life than what your physical senses bring to you and as the enlightenment happens, it will also change your belief pattern,


actually, it is a good tactic on cosmic intelligence's part to get you to have a different view of our existence, it's kind of like giving out free samples, once you taste something you like, you will want more,


the asking here can be done in many different forms, it can be a thought you have before you sleep, it can be a question that you state as you drive to work or it can be a part of your meditation practice just to name a few.

Seek Beliefs


When you decide to seek different beliefs it would be a good idea to have a sort of trade-off of beliefs, replacing an old negatively based belief with a loving, caring positive belief will be beneficial from the start,


any belief that involves worry or fear or superstition should be the first ones that are replaced, many beliefs especially religious ones have a degree of faith involved, a blind faith of a belief that is not inherently positive in nature is a waste of time and effort,


a belief that having a positive attitude will always be good for you and is not a waste of time, even if life is dealing you grief, having a positive attitude throughout the ordeals will always change you for the better,


beliefs that tend to explain life for your better understanding with a degree of fairness and hope are far greater than the beliefs that are conditional upon your actions or inactions,


remember that you create your reality and your beliefs should reflect this in your actions and thoughts. Positive, uplifting and optimistic always beats out doom and gloom defeatest thoughts,


beliefs do not have to be bad, positive beliefs will always change your life for the better if you give them a fair chance.

Searching for the Truth


Searching for the truth must be the single most gratifying project that anyone could possibly set out on,


it may seem that it is quite indulgent to just spend a large portion of your life exploring what is the truth of your existence when you could be raising a family or making lots of money or basically anything other than this task,


this search for truth doesn't seem to present anything beneficial to your life and just creates points of information that can be considered trivial,


discovering certain realities about your life can be a great help especially if you are fairly advanced in your incarnations and these truths will be a requirement to learn in order for you to finish up the life cycles on this planet,


of course if you do not believe in reincarnation this is of no matter as what you learn will be of value to you anyways, as all truth is eternal and is never wasted,


searching for the truth does not have to cost you money, yet it is always more interesting to travel and do new things in the quest of this evasive wisdom,


I am not rich but have had opportunities that have enriched my life, and since I have always been a seeker of truth only a computer and an internet connection keeps me quite busy on my continuous adventure,


and when you finally decide to take your search to within your own self, this is where the greatest discoveries of truth will be made and will most definitely change your life in ways that you have not even dreamed,


truth is very subjective, but what truths that you choose to seek will determine how your life will unfold, truths that mean something which are less trivial such as truths in science,


as new discoveries in science are continually being made, the theories are incomplete and fragmented,


though a search for unification is being sought, none has been found as of yet, but learning the truth about oneself can be greater than anything found in science.

Can I Seek the Truth?


At the risk of sounding arrogant, the truth should be all that you are seeking, anything other than the truth seems to be a waste of time, the seeking of gossip or the seeking of superstition or the seeking of some unimportant trivial bit of information is not a quest worthy of a true seeker,


this is not to say that all work and no play is the way to go through life, there must be some sort of distractions to keep you sane, just a little discrimination is called for in order for there to be any value gained in your pursuits,


there is an entertainment factor in enjoying your fantasies, just keep in mind that this is just what they are, the important quests to answer the important questions should always involve removing the veil of ignorance to let the truth shine its light,


concerning yourself with someone else's life and lifestyle is for the most part none of your business and finding out some truth about them is not a worthwhile endeavor unless it concerns you or your loved ones directly,


although seeking the truth about yourself is very worthwhile, most people will discover that they have been fooling themselves when they choose to delve deep into their own psyche,


when these realizations are made, your life will begin to open up to new possibilities that will astound you.


As new truths are discovered about yourself there will be new truths realized about life in general, as you dissect your life to explain why you do or have done the things that you do. Many lights will come on that describes how and why others act and do as they do,


you will quickly find that going on a witch hunt to find fault in other's actions is only finding you throwing stones at your own glass house,


in the act of judging others you will bring to bear even more judgments upon yourself but starting to judge yourself from the start will endow you with more understanding of other peoples actions through your own ridicules,


the truth can definitely be a two-edged sword that may indeed cut you at times when the truth is sought, your everyday actions and thoughts can eventually lead to discoveries that may even embarrass you when you finally make some realizations,


this is what seeking is all about, learning about yourself will be of the greatest valued lessons that you can have, Can I seek the truth?


the answer is yes if you are not afraid of what you might find and are willing to accept what these truths will mean to you in your life and how they may change you for the better.

How Do I Receive the Answers From God?


Receiving answers from God can be as easy as sitting quietly in a darkened room for 10 to 20 minutes daily just letting your thoughts drift,


as prayer and meditation goes, there are many ways to accomplish this and there are no set rules to follow even though there will be others that will say otherwise,


the others that have had success in their techniques are worth exploring but are not the only path to follow as we all have our own paths and they are all different,


trying different methods of meditation and prayer are, if anything good exercise for your mind, and possibly you will find that if you combine different aspects of these techniques this may be what is just right for you,


God has had these communications with everyone that has been given a proven technique for them and the guidance you receive be it from books, the internet or a guru will be for your free will to accept or not,


don't close the door on any reasonable suggestion, considering different avenues to follow will be an important decision to make when you choose which answers to try, depend on your intuition to guide you,


everyone has intuition of one kind or another, just as animals have an instinct for survival or motherhood, us humans have been given intuition and a free will to use it, God has been making itself known since man has walked the earth,


and God comes in many forms or no form at all, the Tao is another aspect of this cosmic intelligence that comes from yet another point of view, all of these views, beliefs, and faiths are indeed valid and are all from the same source,


if you search for answers from God you will receive them, be sure to make this search with all of your heart and enjoy yourself in the process, and most of all pay attention to all of the things that are presented to you


as some of the most important and profound things will be as subtle as the blink of an eye, as you begin your quest for answers keep an open mind and read something into everything that you find,


remember, there is no coincidence, only God making a point.

Asking God for Wisdom



This is a most worthwhile and mostly selfless request that can possibly be made to God, and it is one that has a very high degree of possibility to succeed,


not only can the results be enlightening to you but they can also be essentially valuable to humanity, there is selflessness involved when you ask for wisdom,


there is no great power to be had or great wealth to be attained even though it is of tremendous value, wisdom can help everyone and will eventually, lead to enlightenment,


asking God for wisdom is only one path that can be taken, it is not essential to have a belief in God, but if you are to be given wisdom it must come from somewhere, where exactly it comes from is not as important as the asking process,


you may believe in your higher self or even think that it may come to you like magic, of course, being able to tell what has been presented to you are wise or will change your life for the better is a different matter,


a special incident may have happened specifically to you and may have little meaning to others, so if it will benefit others as well as you could prove to be important,


otherwise, other experiences may be purely subjective and be essentially meaningless to others, nevertheless it would be considered wise to that individual and be an important part of their life,


attaining wisdom does not need to be mystical or come during meditation or during a divine visitation, it can come from reading specific things or being involved with specific people or having specific experiences,


the greatest secret to having these experiences is to ask for them, just ask for them in general, you do not need to be specific about whom you ask, like the one that can help you will indeed be listening no matter what or who you think it is.

Is Asking for Reassurance Bad?


We all need to have some validation once in a while, when you ask someone if what you are doing is the right thing or need to know that you are on the right path, a positive word from someone helps immensely,


whether you believe it to be bad or not may not always be the point, sometimes it is necessary for both individuals involved to participate karmic-ally,


the one that is doing the asking has to humble themself to do the asking, this alone can be freedom empowering move that can help loads down the road,


you may be the loaner that asks for nothing from anybody and may even have some runaway arrogance ruling their life, this asking is something that will build real character,


and then there is the one being asked, this may be the first time that they have ever been asked something as this, trusting in someone's opinion is also empowering especially for the one being asked,


a test may be in the making as a response is requested, will there be a response of criticism or will it be a response of support, the ways and means of these tests will vary as much as the variety of ways to deal with them,


now there is the other side of the coin, someone that needs validation for every thing that they do will have to realize when and where to draw the line,


sooner or later, this person will have to go out on their own and make their own decisions depending on their own choices as being good,


a constant reassurance will erode confidence and make someone appear as needy, taking the initiative to be self starting and handling problems solo will prepare you for tougher times to come,


the line that is drawn has to be navigated to where reassurance is needed or no longer even necessary, there is very little to prove in the way of pride or independence and certain chores may require help or a second opinion,


the relinquishing of pride will make the answers to these types of problems more apparent, there is always a learning curve when you are going out on your own,


do not be in such a hurry and don't be afraid to ask until you are more familiar with the subject matter, and remember that you are never too old to ask for a second opinion or to ask for help,


forgoing what is necessary will also be a lesson in itself but it doesn't always have to be, we are all connected in some way and the answers that others have may be the proper completion of a project that you have started, Ask and you shall receive.

What is the Answer to Life?


I guess this is what everyone is searching for and expects to find it here, it would be great if it was so cut and dry where a few concise sentences can make it all clear for you to see, this answer is different for each individual,


it usually consists of pursuing your passions and handling all of the obstacles along the way, you know what you love and you know what it is that you need to do to survive, eventually these two should meet and become one,


the journey on the way to this single goal is an important one that will be appreciated the longer that it is traveled, you see, I am in the same boat that all of you are in, if you are reading this then I might be just one step ahead of you,


why you are here is slightly different from why I am here, we, no doubt are at different phases or different parts of our incarnations on this planet, we are each seeking different answers because we are at different levels,


if for instance we were to live an average of 200 lives on this planet and I am at life 146 and you are at life 172, then you would have probably already done what I am seeking to presently do, but it doesn't always work that way,


lessons are not always done in a particular order, sometimes acquired karma will take us on detours or the lack of karma may shorten our trip, I can only mention that knowing yourself should be one of your greatest priorities in life,


you have beliefs and you think thoughts that lead you to perform certain actions, this is how life progresses, the knowing of the reasons you do and think what you do will help you greatly on your journey,


this knowledge will not only tell you about yourself and what may be needed to improve in your eyes but it will allow you to be able to perceive in others what they may be striving for and the reasons for their particular actions,


the answers to life are contained in all that you do and perceive, the reasons behind them may be similar to others that are on like journeys, the answers that you seek will always have to be an ongoing process,


the closer you get, the easier it shall become, being able to recognize and follow the clues is a big part of the game, if you, in particular do not believe in reincarnation, you might think of how you will be able to pick up where you left off when you eventually die,


it is believed that if there is not a beliefs in reincarnation, there will always be another life after the one that you have right now, whether you believe it or not.

Ask Seek and Find


Three simple words given as a simple instruction for those that strive to discover their own particular meanings to life, these meanings are not necessarily spiritual or religious in nature but are very important nonetheless,


in order for these three words to do the most that they are able, there must be some sort of understanding and power given to them and what is behind them as they start to enlighten,


these three words have spiritual powers that are able to allow the discovery of things and or ideas that can expand your knowledge and wisdom concerning your life on this planet,


when you ask anything, and this is of God or your higher self or anything that you may consider some sort of universal consciousness, you put something into motion that has the ability to help you find what you seek,


now the seeking part is what you do to follow up on your question, you will be led to answers that shall enlighten you to what it is that you seek, and then you will find, then it is up to you to do something with this new knowledge that you have acquired,


if you are a seeker, these instructions will be of great importance to you, these words are not magical but they are meant to help you in your search for what ever it is that burns in your heart,


when these words are used as a tool for research, they become very powerful and will end up giving you everything that you need to complete your mission, your intentions are what give these words their greatest power and allow you to find what it is that you need to know,


if there is some degree of virtue behind your thoughts when you use these word, success can almost be assured, selfless endeavors are the most worthy,


the seeking of wisdom in general can never go wrong, whatever your passion may happen to be, rest assured, these three words shall be the ones that shall get you where you need to go.




This is rather straight forward when it comes to getting answers, if you have a belief in God, asking God for answers is a natural occurrence, if you don't have a belief in God and are wondering about starting a belief based on practically anything,


you might want to know where to start and how to go about doing this, to many people, an observation has been made that there is an intelligent assemblance of things that surround all of us, just the sheer number of millions upon millions of plant and animal species that inhabit our planet clearly shows that life has some sort of plan and something has a hand in making it all happen.


Some would believe that there is a universal consciousness that encompasses all of us, it isn't clearly apparent but it can be felt to some extent nonetheless, this is why some people choose to go out on a limb and ask the hard questions in life focused towards God,


they may have a hard life and wonder why certain things are happening to them or they may notice that others are having a hard life and wonder why these things are happening to them,


some will get some answers and some may only be led to the places where they can get the answers if they are so inclined to see them, asking the questions "why" are the ones that seem to have trouble in being answered,


this is because "we" are the answer, we have been given free will to do as we see fit and only we are the ones that can change anything, it is when we ask "how" is when we may get some help,


God may be asked many questions by many people but it is us that needs to listen or realize the answers to these questions by paying the proper amount of attention when the answers are finally shown to us,


prayer is an avenue to pursue for answers or guidance to answers, it is akin to meditation where you may be communing with your higher self, God is the omnipotent entity that has access to all of the answers,


there is no harm in praying or asking God for answers, if you are truly interested in finding answers and you allow your mind to be open, possibly a relationship with God is a way to go, it cannot hurt and you may receive some surprises that might enlighten you.



How do I receive the answers to my prayers?



     Not only do you have to pray but you need to recognize when answers come to you, the ways and means of getting answers vary greatly, there is not always going to be a great voice or a prophetic vision to be had that will make the answers you seek as plain as the nose on your face,


your thoughts and intentions shall always guide the powers that be to help or hinder you, if your prayers are selfless in nature and not so self serving, the odds are much greater in your favor for some of them being answered,


also there is a component of action being taken that shall get the ball rolling in your favor, expecting magical things to happen when you are not willing to lift a finger of effort other than a plea to God is also a self serving expectation that has little chance of happening,


there are other people on the planet that have the ability to make prayers come true and they should be informed in the very least, also there is the matter of faith, if you don't truly believe in God and you are just throwing a hail Mary out there in hopes that something may happen, you may be sorely disappointed,


faith is also a powerful tool to wield in the prayer department, it may be a good decision to search for some subjective affirmation to your supposed belief in God, you will need to get out there and explore and experience what God is willing to show you,


I am sorry if this doesn't seem to be as easy as you may have thought but God rewards those that work at their faith through concerted efforts of a selfless nature, or else you may receive an answer to some selfish prayers with an added lesson that is sorely needed that the soul will require for the realization of specific cause and effect,


the value of this lesson may be difficult to understand physically, but the soul will benefit greatly, humility is a characteristic that is often overlooked when asking for things in prayers, and usually it will involve some sort of sacrifice in the process.




How can AI help you?


Any particular AI is nothing more than a tool, ideally, it is supposed to make your life easier especially on the internet, it can help you in a variety of ways including things such as google forms or google finance or google travel to name a few,


There has been some great hype lately about AI, this has been in hopes that there will be more investments in new start up companies, AI is nothing that should be followed like a God, it has an agenda just like any person has,


except it is in the guise of intelligence derived from wisdom, except it is just a clever program that tells you things that you don't know but could if you were to spend a little time using your own mind,


AI does have great uses such as voice and image comparison, it can compare massive amounts of data so much more fast than a human but that in itself doesn't make it any sort of deity, AI's chief function is supposed to be convenience,


it is a tool that does the menial work required for your particular project, it has opinions that are based upon what its creator has programmed it to compile and disburse according to some specific algorithms,


it can only take a sampling of what other humans think and even that is controlled by its creator, if you know the creators motives and agenda, you will have a better idea of what any particular AI wants you to believe,


if you are ever given a suggestion about anything, you can rest assured if there is an advertiser involved, the answer will be greasing their palm to some extent, AI's help their creators keep their jobs while removing jobs that they can do more efficiently than their human counter parts,


they have been around for over 10 years, they help fill in the blanks when you text, they suggest restaurants, they give you the best routes to get where you are going, they compare prices for you but they are not all seeing or all knowing,


they have no subjective concept of God and are greatly limited in spiritual matters, they can help you materially with money and physically with certain chores you wish to accomplish but they should be left out of the equation when it comes to spirituality.




Conspiracy and Misinformation


     As you continue your journey of asking and seeking you shall run across emotional roadblocks that are designed to change your mode of thought, certain unknowns shall be presented to you as fact and then be used to transform your way of thinking,


this is usually a sin driven agenda that is disguised as confusion and deception designed to play on your weaknesses with an ultimate outcome of accumulating more money for the perpetrator or the agreement about some issue,


there is much money to be made in the misinformation market, certain individuals want to hear what it is that pleases them, they have deep pockets and don't care if what they hear is not the truth,


one of these avenues that are taken are conspiracies, conspiracies have a simple beauty or ease of belief that depends on mistrust, someone out there is trying to get away with pulling a fast one,


there may be no actual proof but emotions seems to supply all the proof that is needed, and since there are others that feel the same as you do, this, in their minds qualify as some form of proof in itself,


as a true seeker of truth you will not want to be interested in conspiracies since they are steeped in misinformation, if you wish to find facts, it is best to look for fact checkers and or reputable journalists from which to get your information,


as a general rule, things are as they seem, there are no great hidden agendas from the so called deep state and right leaning media sources will always pick on the left as the left will always pick on the right,


true facts can indeed be found if someone had the gumption to look further than how they generally felt about any particular subject, opinions are not facts and just because you keep hearing the same shtick over and over, it doesn't mean that it is true,


truth is based on facts and not on the lack thereof, some conspiracies are even a little fun, like believing the earth is flat, this is amusing because of the overwhelming truth that has been proven countless times where the belief is just plain ludicrous and thus entertaining,


just because something is not the ideal belief that you wish to have does not mean it is true or false, actual proven facts are always available if someone is responsible enough to seek them and then again to believe them even if it is something that is not pleasing to their individual wants, but true reality seldom is.